Statement & Bio

My artwork has always come from a very personal place; it operates for me as a hybrid of psychoanalysis and refuge. I create, organize, and destroy my traditional and 3 dimensional subconscious imagery to build expressionist video game landscapes of trauma and offer a virtual reality pathway of recovery through it.BidnessClassMePhoto9


Janella Mele is an installation Squid artist who washed up on Plum Island, Massachusetts in 1989. She makes giant, emotional monsters on anything surfaces using materials she was given by an art wizard, building Virtual Reality worlds through Unity, and repacking her parasite paintings as a skin landscape in 3d animating and programing.

Janella transferred from Northern Essex Community College and studied how to art at Tufts/SMFA (BFA 2018), where she received the Melissa Beth Myers award in recognition of academic excellence and personal growth.

In her first solo exhibition Reclaimed Voice, Janella built a living installation out of a 9-month period of intense studio investigations by confronting, accepting and working with personal challenges and feelings through making something everyday. She is currently expanding from that emotional dissection in making her first animated film, and transforming her house into a year long interactive installation gallery with partner Daniel Scot. Janella is additionally working with artist comrade David Moran, in creating new sensory technology that invites our community to interact and become the art by using their presence.

She runs an artist Squid Situationist collective and small artist residency in New England. Are you interested in a 2 day collaborative artmaking psychoanalysis vacation? Inquires please email why you want to make art to~

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