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BidnessClassMePhoto7                                                           Final_monsters.0059                           cropped-final_monsters-0062.png

Here are

scars as worlds,

with proud skin tissue,


My Art Grew Teeth



Janella Mele is an installation Squid artist who washed up on Plum Island, Massachusetts in 1989. She makes giant, emotional monsters on anything surfaces using materials she was given by an art wizard. Janella transferred from Northern Essex Community College and studied how to art at Tufts/SMFA (BFA 2017), where she received the Melissa Beth Myers award in recognition of academic excellence, personal growth, and the ability to achieve this success while overcoming educational and personal obstacles.


Janella is currently learning to build Virtual Reality worlds through Unity– repacking her parasite paintings as a skin landscape to 3d animating and programing. She is devoted to help survivors of trauma regain their power through art, and in sharing her story of how making art everyday has supported her own healing process.


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