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Are you looking for a freelance Artist and Idea inspiration Machine?

My Skills for Trade~

(360camerawork), Stop-Motion, Sound Composer, Animator (digital and hand), Puppeteer, Optical Illusionist
Software EXP:
Unity, Maya, Adobe: Premiere / Photoshop / After Effects, Dragon Frame, Rack, Audacity, a Disco Ball projector, (coming soon) Oculus Rift equipment
Traveling Squid~Collaborative-Art Show
now features! Magician Live-Painting/Sound Art Performance and 3D-Room Installation
+(all art materials included)
$25/hr.(+ a coffee)+(you buy the tobacco and papers) = unlimited hand-rolled cigarettes > 89
Currently accepting Art Idea Therapy clients

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Future Events~ TBA~ May 4th

Traveling collaborative Animation Art Therapy~ Boston Common

Backpack Installation 3D/VR Party~ Cambridge

Large Scale Projectors/Optical Illusions~ Sommerville

Idea Organize your Art Brain Workshsop~ Cambridge